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New York specialty a hit near Fenway...The best thing on the menu is the hot pastrami sandwich
The Boston Globe


Pastrami - at its absolute best. A peerless sandwich. Succulent, silky smooth, warm, spicy, meaty, smoky, salty, savory… Food, of any kind, is seldom so satisfying. It lights up all your taste buds, and reaches right into your soul. Gently cured and marinated with 16 aromatic whole-grain spices, hand-rubbed with our old-world dry rub, then slowly, lovingly smoked and cooked to perfection.

Navel Plate: Made only with the finest beef plate – the traditional cut that provides Pastrami with its essential succulence. This is the original cut of beef that was - in the old days - the only kind of meat used for true pastrami. Nowadays, most pastrami is made with 1st cut briskets or even (heaven forbid) round. If you want the ultimate in Authentic Pastrami - this it the cut for you. Average weight of 4 lb.

First Cut Brisket: Made only with the finest 1st cut beef briskets – these pastramis are leaner than our plate or point-cuts. Our First Cuts, though leaner, still pack in More Flavor Per Pound. This is the most popular cut for quality pastrami in most markets today, because many customers ask for lean, and the slices are more uniform than from plates or points. If you want a lean Pastrami with More Flavor Per Pound, this it the cut for you. Average weight of 5 lb.

We use only USDA Choice and better beef in making this product - and all our beef products.


beef, water, spices, evaporated cane juice, salt, paprika, sodium phosphate, granulated garlic, and sodium nitrite



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Jan 15, 2011
By Andrews
Meat arrived ok and served up great. However, the taste was not what I remembered from my days in the Bronx. I guess those taste buds are gone forever. But, it was worth the try.
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